Empowering Communities through Peace & Education

Today’s Reality

Deaths Caused by Violence Every Year


Women Who Experience Violence in their Lifetime

Primary School Children Who have Dropped Out of School


World's Out-of-School Children who are Girls

Adults Lacking Basic Literacy Skills


Percent of the Illiterate Who are Women

A Fact


Every additional year of education can increase a person’s future income by an average of 10%.

Our Solution


Educate and Empower Tomorrow’s Leaders


Art enhances self-esteem, encourages critical thinking, and promotes learning. Join the Peter Tunney Experience.

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Girls' Empowerment

Empowering girls to become confident, independent change makers in their communities. We build toolkits and design workshops.

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Democratic Citizenship

Educating active, responsible global citizens. We provide provide capacity-building workshops.

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Peace Education

Empowers learners with the knowledge, attitudes and values necessary to promote a culture of peace  while encouraging critical thinking and creative problem-solving. Visit our free open-to-all PPINC Resource Center today.

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