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About the Resource Center

The objective of our Resource Center is to support teachers, students and parents who want to create peace in their classrooms, schools, and communities. The collected videos, documentaries, movies, poems, plays, books, lesson plans and activities reflect our mission and commitment to advance the values peace, equality, justice, diversity, respect and cooperation, and to discourage regressive values, such as intolerance, bigotry, hate, disrespect and violence.

The materials are designed to encourage critical thinking and creative problem-solving through student-centered, interactive teaching and hands-on learning. With an initial focus on social studies, history and geography, the material on this website suggests a modular approach, which allows faculty to select and include those items into their lesson plans they deem most appropriate to increase students’ intercultural knowledge within the subjects taught, and to build a dynamic, pluralistic curriculum that complements existing state curricula.

Our Resource Center will be regularly updated in consultation with the teaching faculty to reflect the experiences, needs and interests of teachers, students and parents. We welcome your comments and suggestions. Please email us at

Current resources include: Literature & Humanities | Music & Arts | Science | Interfaith

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